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    • Executive chef

    • Daisuke Yoshitake

  • Never get caught
    by certain genres.
    Always be a free thinker.
    These are the roots of a surprise.

  • Executive chef

  • Daisuke Yoshitake

Mr. Yoshitake of Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, started off his career with a hotel in Kyushu, and chased a career to succeed in the French food industry. Now he continually offers a "surprise" through not only the impeccable flavor but also the dish and its presentation. He specializes in "Hiire" (temperature control), which makes the most of the original taste of the ingredients.


You can choose from 3 different courses,
each with its own story,
for both dinner and lunch.


  • A total of 8 dishes ¥5,500

  • A total of 9 dishes ¥7,700

  • A total of 11 dishes ¥9,900

  • ※The price includes the consumption tax.


  • A total of 12 dishes ¥12,100

  • A total of 12 dishes ¥16,500

  • A total of 13 dishes ¥25,300
    [Reservations must be made one day prior to the reservation date.]

  • ※The price includes the consumption tax. Separately the 5% service charge.