• Innovative French WATAHAN

  • by Furuyu Onsen ONCRI

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Time and space for entertaining WATAHAN, a RYOUTEl in Fukuoka, long cherished by local celebrities. It has been reborn as a place for a whole new level of hospitality, keeping the spirit of traditional Japanese RYOUTEI, which welcomes those who love to entertain.


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A course with a surprise in every single dish. What we proudly offer is an innovative cuisine with a mix of traditional french-based flavor and unfettered trendy concepts.


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Open kitchen style brings you close to the sound and the scents of the culinary show. Exhibiting the orchestra of seasons at play in a traditional Japanese garden.


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The french-styled service and innovative cuisine fuse together creating the moment when the wedding party for the happiest couple begins.


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◯Approximately a 7-minute walk from Yakuin Station on theTenjin Ōmuta Line・Nanakuma Subway Line
◯Approximately a 9 minute walk from Hirao station on the Tenjin Ōmuta Line
◯Approximately 5 minutes from Takasago bus stop on the Nishitetsu bus


  • Furuyu Onsen ONCRI

Furuyu Onsen in
the heart of Mount Sefuri,
surrounded by beautifully-singing
wild birds

An area in the heart of Mount Sefuri, in Saga prefecture, with streams inhabited by frogs and fireflies, where wild grass grows and wild birds sing beautifully. ONCRI offers you quality time that allows you to forget about everything else.